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State of Georgia provides 10% of the cost of PHEV Conversion and HOV Car Pool Lane Access

Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Tax Credit An income tax credit is available for 10% of the cost to purchase or lease a new dedicated AFV or to convert a vehicle to operate solely on an alternative fuel, or $2,500 per vehicle, whichever is less. Qualified vehicles must meet emissions standards defined by the Georgia Board of Natural Resources. Eligible alternative fuels include E85, natural gas, propane, hydrogen, coal derived liquid fuels, fuels other than alcohol derived from biological materials, and electricity. Any portion of the credit not used in the year the AFV is purchased or converted may be carried over for up to five years. This incentive does not apply to hybrid electric vehicles. (Reference Georgia Code 48-7-40.16) Point of Contact James Udi Environmental Specialist Georgia Environmental Protection Division Phone: (404) 363-7046 Fax: (404) 362-2534


AFV Plate for HOV Access