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Provide Solar Backup Power and Improve your MPG's

During Progressive Insurance X Prize competition, Enginer kit has been tested under EPA UDDS standard and achieved 95.8 MPG according to Chrysler Emission Labl Report.




Hypermiling Tests on Enginer Prius PHEV under the following conditions have shown way better than 100MPG or 2.83L/100KM, with the best factory field test outcome of 160MPG or 1.7L/100KM for accumulated test drive distance of over 100 miles (165 km).




Driving Techniques for Maximizing Enginer PHEV Mileage: 1. View Prius demonstration screen to monitor engine and motor operation modes, and maintain EV drive as frequent as possible. 2. Accelerate gently and maintain as steady speed as possible at all times. 3. Under 43 miles or 70km per hour (Prius). This motion activates and keeps your hybrid All-EV feature. 4. Drive on flat plain and ambient temperature above 10°C (50°F).


List of Tested Hybrid

Toyota Gen 1 Prius (2000-2003)

Toyota Gen 2 Prius (2004-2009)

Toyota Gen 3 Prius (2010-2012)

Toyota Prius C (2012)

Toyota Prius V (2012)

Toyota Camry Hybrid (All)

Toyota Highlander Hybrid (All)

Gen 1 Honda Insight (2000-2009)

Gen 2 Honda Insight (2010-2011)

Honda CR-Z (2010-2012)

Honda Civic Hybrid (2007-2012)

Nissan Leaf (2012)

Nissan Altima Hybrid

Lexus 400H, 350H

Lexus 250H

Lexus CT200h

Ford Fusion Hybrid

Ford Escape Hybrid