Solar Power Generator and Plug-In Add-On Kit

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  • 4KWH Solar Backup Generator and PHEV Kit
  • 8KWH Solar Backup Generator and PHEV Kit


Please contact your closest Enginer dealers for purchase and installation. The list is available on our Installers page. If there is no nearby dealers or the dealer doesn't respond to your request, please contact us.

We also have installers to offer onsite installation for additional travel cost.

If you want to be a dealer or installer, please let us know ( /contact/ ).

  • Easy to Install
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Extend Cars MPG Up to 100%!
  • 50W Solar Panel and 600W Inverter for residential backup power
  • 30% Federal Energy Efficient Property Credit
  • Save $3500 gasoline cost comparing to Ford Explorer



System Specifications »

BMS:16 Cell LiFePO4 Active Balancing
Position:Inside spare tire compartment
Safety: Auto-operating fire extinguisher inside
Conversion Time:2 hours by professionals
Charge Time:3-8 hours on any 110VAC outlet 220VAC input systems also available for other countries
Voltage:48 VDC nominal
Net Weight:4KWH 180 lbs 8KWH 300 lbs
Capacities :4KWH ( up to 20 EV / 40 blended miles) 8KWH ( up to 40 EV / 80 blended miles)
Solar Panel :50W
DC/AC Inverter :600W